Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Takeover #64

hex machine
omen mas
(Minimum Underdrive)
"Formed in 2004, this Virginia noise-rock band aptly describes themselves as a “sonic math rock quartet full of bombast,” and the music on this debut album is certainly ear-splitting and abrasive. If you put Melvins, Gwar, Flipper, and Big Black/Shellac in a blender, and tossed in bits of death metal and hardcore, you’d likely come up with a close approximation of their sound. It’s characterized by a sludgy, muck-ridden bottom end, clamorous drumming, and lumbering, yet thunderous guitar riffing, topped off with Trevor Thomas’s EQ-on-stun, repeatedly screamed bellow. As one who doesn’t listen to this inhospitable and headache-inducing style of music very often, I will admit that Hex Machine’s bludgeoning maelstrom sure kept me engrossed. It’s music for a post-apocalyptic nightmare, and it packs a hefty wallop." ( (

-Mark Suppanz

In issue 64 of the big takeover which can be ordered at!!!
and hits newsstands in the coming weeks.

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