Friday, January 13, 2012

Hex Machine w/ Lamb of God and Kepone Jan 22nd at the National

Stardate..January..2012..welcome back to the future..hope everyone that is reading this has made it out of 2011 in as best shape as they possibly was pretty fucking crazy across the board..well, since Halloween, the band has been marinating in, what else? it's own juices! in other news, this year should be quite interesting as start off, Hex Machine's first show of 2012 is without a doubt one of the biggest and it happens to be on our own court with not one, but two hometown heroes!
LAMB OF GOD! and KEPONE! On the eve of the release of their new album Resolution, Lamb is playing Richmond on a ticket with 3 "locals" that all bring a little something something to the table. Most of the band rolled up to DC awhile back to see Kepone play the 2nd show of its 2011 reunion with Scratch Acid! What a trip! Both were great and to get to share the stage with them on this occasion is very exciting!

So What else is new?(!!!) Hex Machine's 2nd full length album is in the can!!! The band tracked and mixed all to analog tape last summer with Tim Green in Grass Valley, CA and "Fixator" will set you straight on what we have been up to! If you have been following the band, you will know that fans and critical types pegged the band for 2 things: noise and rock.. you know, it's hard to fit the ocean into a thermos, but without a doubt, much has happened since the release of Omen Mas and there is a lot going on with this record..the songs are at once familiar and yet it's like the band grew like a weed overnight...without getting too poetic, the title is as much open to interpretation as it is a reflection of the state of the world...a release is due this spring through Learning Curve records out of Minneapolis! What more can we say? We are very excited for this dynamic release!

1.Headless Chub
3.Shameless Premonition
6.Red Clock (by the Birthday Party)
7.Don't Touch My Moustache
8.You've Got Crime
9.Blast Furnace for Strings
10.Glass Fed

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