Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hex Machine SXSW 2012..the next day...

≠–≠–≠–≠–≠–≠–≠ aQuarius rec0rds
º≠º≠º≠º≠º≠º≠º≠º≠ºSleeping Giant Glossolalia
≠–≠–≠–≠–≠–≠–≠ SXSW Party Saturday March 17
º≠º≠º≠º≠º≠º≠º≠º≠ºat the Legendary White Swan
≠–≠–≠–≠–≠–≠–≠1906 E 12th Street


12:00 am SAMESACK - cruel heaviness from members of Butthole Surfers, Shit & Shine, Rubble, Todd, etc... *

11:00 pm VAZ - NYC creep-rock mainstays who have dominated forever as Hammerhead, Vaz, and GasWar... *

10:00 pm SHIT AND SHINE - British invasion of pounding, rhythmic, droning, heavy artillery art rock... *

9:00 pm SUBMISSIONS - post-industrial dirge duo with the unlikely resume of Best Coast, The For Carnation, The Pope, Goliath Bird Eater, Bipolar Bear, German Army, etc... *

8:00 pm THE SUPREME DICKS - living legends of outsider psychedelic indie rock...

7:00 pm NIGHT CONTROL - noise-pop perfection from the past/distant future... *

6:15 pm PRIZEHOG - this local slo-mo psychedelic sludge power trio return for an encore aQ SXSW performance....

5:45 pm LEATHER SKY - ugly, unhinged hardcore from inside the bunker, with ties to Epileptinomicon, MjolniirDXP, Deth Spa, etc.... *

5:00 pm HEX MACHINE - psyched to finally see these Virginia crushers live, their sound equal parts gnarled Voivod-ish math metal and grunge infused Amrep style noise...

...possible surprises, daily breakfasts at Tamale House #3, the works...more info to come......WATCH THIS SPACE.

[* only SXSW appearance!!]essenatially one looooooong day of kick ass rock! So if you're gonna be in Austin, be sure and come by, hang out, rock out..." --aQ

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